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It’s new small in size but without powerful function. Modern hand-held designed exclusively for veterinary practitioners, who need an economic and simple ultrasound for the purpose of swine and ovine pregnancy diagnostic. It will help to determine the best time for insemination, early/late pregnancy and sex.



l  14 hours for continuous operation, meeting a long day scanning needs (2 batteries)

l  Only 325g, and modern ergonomics designing make it comfort to use

l  Advanced full digital core technology to obtain high quality images, ensure accurate pregnancy check at early stage

l  128 frames permanent storage, without loss of image when powered off

l  High quality 3.8: TFT LCD screen providing a clear, transparent image

l  Obervation of foetus during pregnancy

l  Helps to reduce the cost of running a breeding farm through selection of pregnant female animals and appropriate breeding management.



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