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  • 12.1- inch LED monitor
  • Only 5kgs, can be easily carried to patients all over the hospital
  • Fully software package could be used for General, O/B, GYN, Urology, Cardiology, Small Organs examination, etc
  • Images could be saved via USB port, hard disk or internet 




l  Menu operation, easy and portable;

l  Abundant softwareAbdomen, Obstetric, Gynecology, Cardiac, Urological and other part measurement;

l  More than 40 OB tables for different applications;

l  Puncture guiding function, optional puncture probe, realizing ultrasound intervention requirement;

l  256 frames cine loop;

l  Two USB ports, support large capacity U disk,and laser printer directly print various images and reports;

l  Light, thin and portable.

l  12 inch LED screen;

l  Complete imaging modes: B, B+B, B+M, 4B;

l  256 frame cine loop memory, automatically or manual selectable playback speed adjustable;

l  Memory disk 4G (support 32G);

l  Body Marks more than 100;

l  Comment: Data, Time, Name, Gender, Age, Hospital, Doctor, Annotation

l  Beam forming technology: DBF, RDA, DRA, DRF, DFS;

l  Multi-peripheral ports: PALD, RS232, USB(2.0), VGA, LAN;

l  Weight less than 5kg; dimension 318*298*138mm.




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